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This is a compilation made specifically for the US and released on Superfecta Recordings in 2003 with specially comissioned cover art by Joolz.

01 Great Expectations (Suliivan, Morrow)
02 The Price (Sullivan, Morrow)
03 No Rest (Sullivan, Morrow, Heaton)
04 Better Than Them (7" version) (Sullivan)
05 Brave New World (Sullivan, Heaton, Harris, Joolz)
06 51st State (Cartwright, NMA)
07 Poison Street (extended mix) (Sullivan, Heaton)
08 White Coats (Sullivan)
09 Stupid Questions (Sullivan, Heaton, Harris)
10 Vagabonds (album version) (Sullivan)
11 Green And Grey (7" version) (Heaton, Sullivan)
12 Get Me Out (Sullivan, Heaton)
13 Purity (US edit) (Sullivan)
14 Here Comes The War (Sullivan, Heaton, Nelson)
15 Living In The Rose (Sullivan, Heaton)
16 Wonderful Way To Go (single mix) (Sullivan, Heaton)
17 You Weren't There (Sullivan)
18 Orange Tree Roads (Sullivan)

Version / Date / Country / Catalogue Number / Notes
CD 07/10/2003 UK Superfecta SR010