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New Model Army
A compilation with almost exactly the same track listing as The Collection. Released in May 2006.

01 51st State (Cartwright, NMA)
02 No Rest (Sullivan, Morrow, Heaton)
03 Heroes (Sullivan)
04 225 (Sullivan, Heaton)
05 Stupid Questions (Sullivan)
06 Ballad Of Bodmin Pill (Heaton, Sullivan)
07 Drag It Down (Sullivan, Heaton, Morrow)
08 Space (Sullivan, Heaton, Nelson)
09 Deadeye (Sullivan)
10 Eleven Years (Sullivan, Heaton)
11 Courage (Sullivan, Heaton)
12 Vanity (Vanity)
13 Smalltown England (live) (Sullivan, Morrow)
14 I Love The World (live) (Sullivan, Heaton)

Version / Date / Country / Catalogue Number / Notes
CD 16/05/2006 NL Disky SI 903990