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New Model Army follow their most successful album in 20 years “Between Dog and Wolf”, a top 30 album in UK and Germany, with “Between Wine and Blood.” This is a mini album of 6 new songs that are an evolution of the experimentation of “BD&W” and a live album of songs from the Autumn 2013 tour recorded in London, Nottingham, Cambridge, Cologne and Amsterdam. The album was again mixed by Joe Barresi ( Queens of the Stone Age, Tool, Soundgarden.) The stunning artwork is by longtime collaborator Joolz..

Track Listing: (click for lyrics)
CD1 - Studio
01. According to You
02. Angry Planet
03. Guessing
04. Happy to be Here
05. Devil’s Bargain
06. Sunrise

CD2 - Live
01. Stormclouds
02. March in September
03. Did You Make it Safe
04. I Need More Time
05. Pull The Sun
06. Lean Back and Fall
07. Seven Times
08. Between Dog and Wolf
09. Summer Moors
10. Knievel
11. Horsemen