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New Model Army
Pioneers running round in circles, originators staring in empty disbelief
And the dictates start their fashion, making their killing
And the bastards take the bottle, take the ruins, take the streets in
Ch: Desperation – searching for a new frontier
Somewhere for the lovers, somewhere for the hunters
Somewhere for the dreamers, somewhere for the hustlers
Somewhere for the killers, somewhere for the angels
Somewhere for us to go
Down at the Art School, there’s dull panic
Joey hit the bottle and Billy hit his wife
And Annie screams you know it’s all been done before
You can either go back or go down - decadence calling
Ch: Desperation – searching for a new frontier
English cities reeling in claustrophobic spasms
Running with martyrs just looking for a cause
I’m looking to the sky, I’m looking for a mystery
Just show the direction and I’ll never come back
Ch: Desperation – searching for a new frontier
(Sullivan 1980)